Are you looking to improve & spice up your sex life & your relationship both with your partner & your inner-self? Ever been to shy to actually go into an adult store or just wouldn't be caught dead in one? Or maybe you just have curiosities & concerns but could never find the nerve to actually ask someone face to face and quite a bit does spike your interest. Well, now's your chance, don't be shy, your secrets safe with me. I will provide you with a fun, comfortable & professional experience. As nothing makes me happier than to help make a real difference & open peoples minds to enjoy their sexual lives. Please feel free to send me a message & think of me as your very own private consultant. ♥

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Higher Than The Clouds"

Happy Valentines Day

♥ When you love someone & who loves you in return no matter what, through thick & thin, good & bad, beautiful & ugly, great times & oh so bad times (especially when things are @ their worst), when your relationship is absolutely wonderful & when it's hanging on by a string, when 1 minute you love them to pieces & the next minute you wanna strangle their necks ;-) That Love is so strong it gets you through anything & having that is amazing enough, no matter what day of the year it is. :-) ♥ Now on the other hand, if your single & alone this VDAY, it's okay, because someone out their loves you ;-) Not to mention the Love you have for yourself, which is the most important and being grateful for living & breathing this very minute, is the Best Gift of All ;-) Happy Valentines Day Everyone & Much Love 2 You All ♥

Monday, February 13, 2012

♥Sexy Gift Kits, Games & More♥

Have some sexy fun with erotic Board Games, Candles, Oils, Gift sets & then some, that will make your Valentines Day full of sensual fun♥ ♥Amour Tempt & Tease Romance Kit ♥ Tempt Him With This Teasing Sex Kit! Spark your sexual imagination and a sensual night together with the Amour Tempt & Tease Romance Kit! This sexy 3-piece kit has all the accessories you need to inspire an unforgettably erotic evening. Wear the red feathered eye mask and tease each other with indulgent touches and massage. Let your partner wield the red feather tickler and squeal & squirm at the intense sensations! And roll the set of 3 Foreplay Dice to spark all kinds of erotic scenarios. Use them together or separately for endlessly sexy nights! Kit Includes: • Red satin eye mask with feathers • Eye mask stretches to fit for comfort • Sensual red feather tickler • Set of 3 Foreplay Dice for sensual suggestions • Mask and tickler made with real feathers Gift the gift of sexy with the Amour Tempt & Tease Romance Kit! This hot kit has plenty of naughty surprises that’ll make your next sexual encounter incredible! Play kinky games with the hot red satin eye mask. The Amour Tempt & Tease Romance Kit’s eye mask comes with sensual feathers and a stretch-to-fit elastic strap for a totally comfortable fit. Wear the eye mask to experience touch and sex in a whole new way – and you can trade it back and forth for extra sexy fun. Then use the sensual red feather tickler to tease and titillate! The handle gives you control while the tips of feathers softly arouse your most sensitive spots. Try it with the Amour Tempt & Tease Romance Kit’s eye mask for an added level of sensation. Then roll the set of 3 erotic Foreplay Dice. The first suggests an action, like teasing, caressing, or nibbling. The second directs you to a place – thighs, neck, toes, etc. And the third die picks the location – from the bedroom to the kitchen to the great outdoors! They’ll give you all kinds of sexy fantasy suggestions, and are the perfect way to inspire a creative, passionate evening! The Amour Tempt & Tease Romance Kit also makes a great holiday gift for your lover, and a naughty Valentine’s Day present Amour Tempt & Tease Romance Kit Item #X187 ♥Tantric Satin Ties Collection♥ Couples Bond...And Bound For Pleasure! Let the phone ring –– you're tied up with these kinky bondage toys! Start with Satin Ankle Cuffs –– you're staying put and loving it! Add Satin Wrist Cuffs for deliciously restricted movement! Put on the cute Satin Eye Mask and wonder what'll happen next –– will it be sensual lashes from your Satin Pleasure Whip? Cuffs made with adjustable Velcro™ straps. One size fits all. Tantric Satin Ties Ankle Cuffs With Satin Ankle Cuffs –– you're staying put and loving it! Adjustable Velcro™ cuffs for a firm yet comfortable fit. Sexy smooth and sensual satin fabric. One size fits all. Once your partner has strapped on the Tantric Satin Ties Ankle Cuffs and clipped them together you have them right where you want them. Tantric Satin Ties Wrist Cuffs Slip on sexy Satin Wrist Cuffs for deliciously restricted movement! Adjustable Velcro™ cuffs feel firm, yet comfy. One size fits all. Once your partner has strapped on the Tantric Satin Ties Wrist Cuffs and clipped them together you have them right where you want them. Perhaps your Wrist Cuffs wearer will put their hands together and pray the night never ends –– so let the games begin! Tantric Satin Pleasure Whip The business end of your Tantric Satin Pleasure Whip is delightful –– an 11 inch long bouquet of satin ribbons that promise danger, but deliver erotic sensations instead! Every lash flies through the air with the kind of "whoosh" that will have your partner anticipating each lash in knee-quaking fear. Tantric Satin Ties Eye Mask The thrill is in the waiting! Put on the cute Satin Eye Mask and wonder what'll happen next –– listen carefully for clues, take delight in what your body feels and your eyes can't see! One size fits all. Tantric Satin Ties Collection Item #M305 ♥Sex Therapy Kit♥ Give Your Lover Some Sexual Healing! This sexy kit gives you everything you need to set the scene for all kinds of steamy encounters! Kit includes: • Red fur-lined Love Cuffs (key lock w/ safety release) • Mini Massager Vibe with four different head attachments (takes one AA battery, sold separately) • Mega-Stretch Cock Ring • 2 wax-play candles • An assortment of red and white silken rose petals • A black love mask • Warming massage lotion • Edible body paint • PLUS a couples’ coupon book filled with romantic and erotic suggestions! There’s so much packed into this tiny love kit! Whether you’re looking for the straight up naughty or the romantic and sweet, it’s all here. Ask your lover to wear the love mask, and then listen to their moans as you surprise them with sudden candle wax drops! Play a frisky police officer with the red fur-lined cuffs, and take your lover through a sexy interrogation. Scatter the silk rose petals over fresh sheets, lay your honey down, and lick flavored warming massage lotion from their navel! There’s so much to try – enough for many nights of fun! Sex Therapy Kit Item #R461 ♥Sex! The Board Game♥ A Million Ways To Get Laid! Seduce your sweetie with this hot and steamy adult board game! Roll the dice and engage your lover in foreplay as you move around the board. Answer naughty sex trivia questions to collect sexual position cards. When you have 6 cards, carry out the fantasy! There are over 1,000,000 possible ways to win this hot adult board game! For 2 players. Includes: • One game board • One standard die and two erotic game dice • Two player pieces • 35 “He Asks” trivia cards • 35 “She Asks” trivia cards • 60 Sex! Unique sexual positions cards The bestselling Sex! adult card game has been revamped, adapted, and expanded into an adult board game that will take you on an erotic adventure! Fans of sex board games will love the fantasy charge they get out of each successive round. How do you play this sex board game? Just corral your sweetie for the evening, turn down the lights, get cozy, and roll the dice! Or rather, roll the numbered die – this tells you how many spaces to move. Your player piece will land on one of eight different spaces, each with its own command! Land on the specialty dice space, and you’ll roll two erotic game dice. One gives you a part of the body, i.e., ‘neck’ or ‘lips’. The next tells you where to perform that action, i.e., ‘suck’ or ‘stroke’! This adult board game’s Kiss space lets you kiss your lover anywhere you choose. Three different spaces let you feed your lover, share a drink, or eat an edible treat off their body! The Strip space wants you to teasingly take off an article of clothing, and the Candle space wants you to do something to enhance the mood. Draw a trivia card when you land on the SEX! space, ask your lover a question, and if they get it right then you both win a sexual positions card! Collect 6 to win! That’s right – you both win. When you’ve got all 6 cards (or you’re too excited to finish), it’s time to act out the fantasy sex you’ve created! This romantic board game is the perfect gift for couples, fans of dirty sex games, and newcomers to erotic games. ♥LELO COSMETICS & ACCESSORIES ♥ Cater to every intimate moment with our elegant line of bedroom accessories. From sensual restraints, teasers, and blindfolds made from luxuriously soft silk and suede, to sensually scented massage candles and oils, LELO has everything you need for the most romantic evenings in.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Diamonds International
Buy something beautiful for that special person in your life. Significant other, Dear Friend, Special Family Member. They'll ♥ you for it. As the largest duty free jeweler in the world, Diamonds International is renowned for its extensive selection of the most prestigious brands of watches and fine jewelry, impeccable customer service and incredible value. Diamonds International operates over 125 stores found at leading luxury resort destinations and online. Love is in the air my friends. ♥ Enjoy These Coupons Just for you. ♥ Save 10% with coupon code: Love10. Some exclusions apply. Expires 3/1/12 60% off Silver Sale. Enter code: SILVER. Free $50 E-Gift Card With Your Purchase over $125. Code EGIFT50. Expires 12.31.10 Free gift with purchase at Diamond International. Use code: FGTM

Sexy Ling For That VDAY Fling ♥♥♥♥

Sussurra™ is LELO’s luxurious line of lingerie and loungewear. This premier collection makes use of silk stripe chiffon, silk satin and silk habutai in the most desirable pieces for women and men. By using only the finest silk fabrics, LELO delivers a truly unique range of items crafted with the highest attention to quality and style ♥
Lingerie at Adam & Eve
View All 309 Lingerie Lingerie makes everyone feel sexy and desirable. Add a sheer teddy to your evening routine or wear a pair of sexy fishnet or seamed stockings with your favorite business suit. Guys, surprise her with your specially wrapped package or you ladies can check his heart rate in your naughty nurse outfit. Adam & Eve supports adding sexy, sassy lingerie to your sex life. ♥ Great Coupon just for you, my special readers & followers. Just click on the photos or the titles and Take Your Pick ;-)

Hips & Curves Lingerie

Sexy Lingerie for The Curvacious Beauties ;-) Visit Hips & Curves & get something nice this Valentine's Day

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Adam & Eve

Adam & Eve has great product. Something for everyone. Toys, Lingerie, Gift Items & Movies. Go to there site and see all that they have to offer. Just click on these banners.

Valentine's Day Just 4 You ♥♥♥♥

Well Well it's that time again, The Big Day has arrived, the infamous, "Valentine's Day" ♥ Some of you are celebrating this weekend & some of you will celebrate the day of or the day after. Then there's those of you who will not celebrate due to being alone, single or just plain beliefs and/or don't believe in all the hype & hooplah.  "Any Day Can Be Valentine's Day" The joy of giving that someone special & seeing their reactions, and the gratitude & all the emotions you feel when receiving an awesome gift from the one you love, is wonderful any day of the year. Now if your single & all alone or your love is just not around, don't be sad :-( it's ok. Your still loved & ANYONE can be your Valentine, friends and family, they love gifts too. Or heck there's plenty of Singles Parties & clubs & dating sites, go get you one ;-)
One thing's for sure there's always good sales & deals out there from retailers. So whether your celebrating or not, In Love or Out of Love, I suggest take advantage. If you must, buy yourself something special, you deserve it. Nothin' wrong with buying yourself a VDAY gift. ;-) Go For It! So with all that being said, I am going to be posting for all you wonderful last minute shoppers  (It's Never Too Late!) starting today 'til VDAY, some cool discounts, deals & coupons just for you, my special readers & followers. Enjoy!
Lotsa Sexy Hugs & Kisses
& Happy & Very Sexy Valentine's Day!