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Friday, August 3, 2012

Tips To Keep Your Relationship Strong

Miss Nash - "Keep Having Sex" below are a couple good reasons as to why this is a fact.
Sex is one of the most important parts of any marriage... without a good sexual relationship with ones partner, marriage is a hollow shell with no meaning. It is the core of the spiritual bond between partners. It is almost impossible for a marriage to survive without good sex.
Sex is good for your personal health as well. Sex lowers the frequency of fatal heart attacks, it burns kilojoules, it decreases breast cancer in men and it keeps the vagina toned in women, ejaculations in young men decrease the risk of prostate cancer in later life, those who have regular intercourse have better stress responses and lower blood pressure & sex boosts the production of an immune substance that also helps fight colds and flu.
Partners are not always able to provide what the other needs at the time they need SO it only makes sense that from time to time toys or other options may be required to take care of these needs... one way or another most people will do whatever they feel they need to in order to find satisfaction and fulfillment based on a sex drive that affects all of us.

"Mutual respect plays a vital role in a satisfying sex life. Eighty two per cent of us who are sexually satisfied say they feel respected by our partner during sex. Thirty nine per cent are looking for more love and romance, 36% would like more quality time alone with their partner, 31% would like more fun and better communication and intimacy with their partner and 29% a higher sex drive. Thirty seven per cent want to feel less stressed out and tired."

Source: Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey

A Little Playtime ;-)
Get to know you partner. Sex toys give you an extra hand when you need it most. Couple a vibrator with oral sex, a wand with an intimate massage, or use a bullet for erogenous zone stimulation. Watch her reaction and see what works! Prostate exploration. The prostate is often referred to as the male g-spot because of the intense orgasm that stimulation can produce. Specially-designed sex toys are the best way to explore this new pleasure zone. Partner play. A variety of toys including cock rings, bullets, and vibrators, can be used along with vaginal intercourse. The extra stimulation can intensify the orgasm for both partners without taking the place of traditional lovemaking. Consider a toy an enhancement, not a replacement. Fantasy fulfillment. Sex toys can also allow you to explore fantasies including bondage, double penetration, and threesomes within the comfort of your own home. Start small and see where the mood takes you. When used with respect to both partners, sex toys can add depth to a healthy relationship.
Communication is essential. If your partner is reluctant, discuss the holdbacks and work through them together. If both partners are willing, however, get ready to enjoy a whole new variety of lovemaking.
Sex toys for couples -

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