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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Erotic Massage & Tantric

With all our daily stresses & worries, we tend to forget & pay attention to what's most important, and that's ourselves & our well being. If we do not take care of ourselves how can we take care of our loved ones. Stress unfortunately does quite a number on us physically & mentally which affects our performance and energy level.  So why not treat yourself & your partner to a way that relaxes you the most. That makes you feel good in so many ways, and helps with many things that are important in our body & soul. Make the effort & take the time to take care of yourself & your partner often & you'll be amazed with the results.
Below is a great quote & video by an expert who knows best.
After all, you both work hard at living the life you do. You deserve it  :-)
"Do you know how to get your lover – mind, body and soul, to crave your essence?
Well stop thinking, and start learning!
The human mind and body are constantly exposed to stress, and as we know stress dulls the mind and senses. It is simply – sensory overload and the and mind and body shut down to compensate.
By taking the time to envelope my lover's body with amazing sensations I discovered that I could reduce their stress levels (as well as mine!) , lift mood, create a sizzling erotic experience, give incredible pleasure, and induce a state of the deepest relaxation. All while exploring every inch of their body.
Within this deep and profound relaxation – touch, pleasure, intimacy, seduction and arousal were all increased 10, 20, 50x over.
I’m sure you’ll agree with me, that physical and emotional pleasure is a wonderfull conduit to relaxation, great health, glow, vitiality and intimacy.The exploration of new ideas and the expansion of the mind is what makes us grow. New experiences give us the opportunities to add to the quality and depth of our lives." -Maya Silverman

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