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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tired & Bored of the Same old Routine?

         There is so much you can do, you would be amazed. Although, you should never ever let it get to a point to where your bored with eachother. Now, I've been in the adult retail industry 2004 and with my experience and in dealing with so many different types of people. It has fascinated me 'til this day, how well this works for anyones relationship. It's unbelievable, and fun at the same time. ;) I have had customers litteraly approach me with this situation and eager to fix it and make things better for the both of them. I have had women actually crying to me, telling me their stories and men so disapointed as well. Most have never gone this route before and didn't have a clue what to do or where to begin.
          The best & first move they did was actually consider, looking into it, getting through that door & taking that big step. Instead of just giving up, leaving the relationship and/or finding someone else to do the job, which is what most don't want to happen.
           I have found great joy in helping people out, especially couples in trouble, it's honestly what I have grown to love most about being in this field. With my help,advice & suggestions people have actually come crying to me with tears of shear gratitude & appreciation for saving their marriage and/or relationship. I also helped some couples from getting a divorce and yes even concieving babies, one couple actually named their 1st born after me ;-) Now, that's the greatest feeling in the world to me.
          So needless to say, trying new & fun things & keeping your relationship alive is the best thing you & anyone can do. I've seen it happen. Go out & discover & enjoy eachother. The possibilities are limitless. Good Luck My Friends.

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