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Monday, January 23, 2012

MmmMmm Monday Night Post "Bon Appetit"

To add on to my Mmm Mmm Monday, Just some helpful information & facts you might find interesting. Oral sex is an amazing way to enjoy your foreplay ventures before gettin' down to the Nitty Gritty. If you notice below with some Fun Facts I stated,  many can reach that Special O, just with a little tongue action. Just take a little trip downtown & have a fun with it. A great idea is actually some edible pleasures along with it. Such as your favorite foods you have at home and/or some naughty novelty items ie: Edible Body Paints, Edible Undies & so on & so forth. There are many ways & fun products that can be used. Try It & Have Yourself A Fantastic Feast & Delicious Desert to end your Monday Madness. Bon Appetit 
Here are some Mmm Mmm products that you might enjoy. 
And should you be interested just click on this link for many more: Tantus, Inc.
Edible Body Paint, Strawberries & Champagne $12.99 - 
The wonderful way to enhance your creative, sexual explorations! Use this chocolate body paint and paint brush to write love poems, draw hearts, flowers, and reveal your artistic side. Tastes exquisite and is non-staining for easy clean up. 3.5 oz

Edible Body Paint, Chocolate $12.99

Aphrodiasiac Oil Strawberry and Champagne $15.99

Sizzling Body Candy $4.99
ID Juicy Lube - Pina-Colada, 3.8 oz $15.99

Fun Facts For You:
"Many of the ingredients in chocolate are proven to cause arousal similar in effect to sexual foreplay. In fact, some experts believe chocolate may be even more effective than foreplay for sexual arousal."
Source: JoAnn and Erica Orloff. 2001. Dirty Little Secrets: True Tales and Twisted Trivia about Sex. New York, NY: MacMillan Publishing Company, Inc.

"Just a decade ago, only 25% of women reported experiencing orgasm as a result of intercourse. In recent years, this number has risen to about 45%. In contrast, over 80% of women report experiencing orgasm though oral sex"
Source- Kanner, Bernice. 2005. Are You Normal About Sex, Love, and Relationships? La Vergne, TN: Lightning Source, Inc.
"Men give oral sex as much as they receive it.
Contrary to popular wisdom again, men — especially older men — give as much oral sex to women as women give to men. While the difference is greatest in the 20 to 24 year old range (with only 55 percent of men saying they’ve given it in the past year, compared to 74 percent of women), the tables turn as we age. In the 30 to 39 age range, 69 percent of men report having given a woman oral sex, while only 59 percent of women have.
In other age ranges, the differences are far less greater, with only a few percentage points differentiating the two groups.
70 percent of women claimed to have received oral sex from a man in the 20 to 24 age group, but only 55 percent of men admitted to having given oral to a woman. Sixty-two percent of men aged 40 to 49 claimed they received oral, but only 53 percent of women said they gave it."
Source: Dr. John Grohol - CEO and founder of Psych Central

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