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Saturday, January 28, 2012

"Seduce 'em Saturday"

"Seduce 'Em Saturday" Time to really get 'em goin' before even hittin' the sack. Below are 5 tips that'll help to make your baby be putty in your hands. ;-)

Everything starts with flirtation.  Wittiness and innuendos can create a lot of sexual tension. There’s nothing more seductive than being paid attention to. Whisper a little something sexy, subtly touch or rub sensitive spots.

Confidence is extremely sexy. Know & feel good about yourself. Hold your head high & know that they truly desire you. Know that they're the lucky one to have you. Although, don't get too cocky with it. Still being somewhat humble. Your Sexy & You Know It ;-)

Stare deeply into each others eyes.  Think how much you want the other & what you want to do to them, see if they can guess whats truly on your mind. But don't be too obvious. Keep 'em guessing.

Make the other wonder and chase you, play a little hard to get, but be subtle let them know you desire them. Don't give in too easily. A challenge is sexy.

Dress up in attire that is not too provocative, leave some for the imagination. Showing your best features, maybe their favorite dress or shirt etc. Add a little class. Dress up just because. Wear their favorite cologne or perfume or better yet something with phermones, bringing out the natural oils in your skin sending out an odor that attracts.

Now, of course everyone is different, know & learn your partners weaknesses, what makes them cringe & weak in the knees. Or challenge yourself to make new ones that they never knew they had.

This must be done fully clothed & outside the bedroom, the point is for THEM to get YOU there or who knows maybe your seductive moves worked so well, they just couldn't wait. You've succeeded, job well done ;-)

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