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Sunday, January 22, 2012

So I have something special for you to do for everyday of the week. "MelB's Daily To Do's" Today being Sexy Sundays you should surprise your baby with some Sexy Lingerie.
Being in a ong term relationship and/or marriage we tend to forget to dress in Sexy Lingerie for our significant others. We get so comfortable & caught up in our daily duties, when we get ready for bed, we're so over the day & so tired, we just throw on our comfy sweats and T's or what not, our partners very rarely see us be Sexy for them. So to end your week that you've had & before you begin the next one. Why not make it a point to have a sexy night & end the week right. Dress in nice lingerie & feel good about yourself. Nothing is more attactive than a woman with confidence. Let him look at you, maybe do a little strip tease, wear some sexy shoes, and have a night filled with passion & intamacy.
The Company Lelo, of which I blogged about earlier on with some great toys, also has nice, good quality Intimate Apparel.
Sussurra™ is LELO’s luxurious line of lingerie and loungewear. This premier collection makes use of silk stripe chiffon, silk satin and silk habutai in the most desirable pieces for women and men. By using only the finest silk fabrics, LELO delivers a truly unique range of items crafted with the highest attention to quality and style.

Visit their site below and see for yourself, treat yourself & him, and feel good in more ways than one.
Have A Super Sexy Sunday

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